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I Be Cured At Last!

Ach, tis good to be up and out and about again, to be sure. And just in the nick o' time, since it seems everything's gone straight to Davy Jones whiles I was gone...

Mullins has been filchin' things from Miss Nightshade.
Miss Nightshade has been filchin' things from Mullins and givin' 'em to to Billy. Only it seems whatever it was, it belonged to the lad first, so I suppose that be just fine.
Miss Wendy has taken most deathly ill, and left Peter Pan's second-in-command to take charge o' the motherin' duties. Apparantly, he'll be up here in a day or so for a cookin' lesson from Cookson. Frankly, I be shocked somthin' fierce that there be no one else in all o' Neverland to teach him the ways of the ladle and pot other than Cookson.
Starkey and Miss Nightshade have been makin' friends with each other. Always nice to see it when someone gets along around these parts ^_^
The Cap'n's been a'plagued by spirits o' some sort. Thankfully, the problem seems to be taken care of.

Other than that, there be nothin' new to report, except I found this movin' picture o' penguins on Jukes' enter-net contraption. Ain't it most fine?
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*stares at that icon a moment, as if mesmerized, then shakes it off*

Ahem! So glad to see you up and about again, Bosun. Now if you'll excuse me...chores to finish, medicines to make, you know... *hurries off, avoiding any comment about Starkey and blushing*
Aye good to have you back, i missed your coffee ^.^

And sdly the inter-net isn't mine. I wish is was though ^.^

I'd at least have better sense than to charge the Captain for it