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Illness in the Galley

I'm starting to worry sumtin powerful fer Cookson's health. He's been all out of sorts, coughin' and sneezin' up a storm. And his nose be drippin' too. Poor lad...must be hard fer him to cook when he's like that. I fairly thought he was gonna hack up one o' his lungs all over our biscuts this mornin', to be sure.
Plus, he's been hearin' things...everytime I bring up the Cap'n's missing map around him, he starts sayin' he knows nothin' about who took it or whereabouts it be hidden now. Well, o' course he doesn't, and no one said he did. Poor feller's nerves are shot.

I been workin' on rechartin' that missing map. I couldn't find me blue inks, so I just made the water green. A fine lookin' map, to be sure.

Though it is a bit hard to read since I made the land be green as well.
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