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Nothin' Like Startin' Over Afresh

Had to get me a new logbook after that rascal Pan went and threw me old one into the bay! I tried to go after it, but those fish-tailed lassies had already torn it to bits.
I'm likin' me new log already, I must confess. 'Tis a shame to lose all the things I had written down in the old one, though. Everything we lads have been a-doin' up until this point, all gone. Well, hopefully I can recall all that we be needin' to know. Then again, me memory ain't what it used to be...

Oh dear. I did remember to take the map that be showin' all the chartin' we did of Neverland shores out of the logbook and put it in with the Cap'n's things like he asked me to do last week...didn't I?
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