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It Be Spreadin'...

Ach, the Cap'n's not feelin' so well these days. I been doing me best to stay out o' his way, since that's what he asked me to do...I asked him what I could do to make him feel better, and he said sumtin about how the less he had to deal with me "insufferable idiocy" the better. So I been stayin' clear o' his cabin.
I'm worried sumtin' awful, to be sure. But Miss Nightshade seems to have it well in hand, so I've been keepin' me mind off o' it by double checkin' the new map against what I remember o' the old one...
It's makin' me an awful lot confused, though...I'm startin' to think some o' me markers are in the wrong places all together. Like...most o' them...

Ah well. Back to the drawin' board I go!
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